Core Offerings

Business Management Systems

  • Your Own: Perfect solutions catered just to address your business requirements.
  • Efficient: Quickly respond to your customers.
  • Optimized: Access your business parameters at your finger tips.
  • Trendy: Digitally transform your business and improve your customer experience.

Cloud or On-Premise Solutions

    Cloud or Hosted:
  • Manage total cost of ownership.
  • No need to maintain IT staff or assets.
  • No hassles of preventive maintenance
  • Nominal subscription costs

    On Premise:
  • Suitable if you have legacy systems.
  • Suitable if you have existing infrastructure.
  • No need to be online

Outsource Product Development

We are partners with leading software vendors to develop their products and software solutions.

Our expert team of analysts and programmers ensure total requirement gathering and providing an architecture design

Because we love what we do, we are happy to be your extended team. Leave your worries of load management to us and we will deliver your solutions.

We understand the importance of Integrity and Confidentiality as this is what gives us our bread and butter.

Our Solutions and Expertise

We work with a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Retail, Manufacturing, Media and Technology

Retail Solutions

Inventory and Sales management systems

Customer engagement solutions

Business process modernization

Billing and bar-code

Manufacturing Solutions

Customized ERP solutions consisting of Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Packaging and Warehouse management modules

Process scheduling applications

Ecommerce integrations

Technology Solutions

Mobile Application development

Document Management

Software porting


DevOps - CI & CD


Cutting edge technology platforms such as Python, DotNet Core, JavaScript frameworks

Modern agile approach for software development

DevOps is vital to our processes, we ensure that you benefit from our process optimizations.


About us

COMPDHENU Software Solutions LLP is a young, dynamic software solutions company.

The company is backed by passionate professionals having in excess of 20 years experience in the field of software development. We are very passionate about the world of computing and have witnessed the different transition in this industry.

Word COMPDHENU has been coined from 'Computing' and a mythological character called as 'KamDhenu' which was known for its ability to grant any wish. Our motto is to provide abundant solutions to our esteemed clients in various domains and industries.

While working in the field of software services and outsourcing, we painfully realized that the businesses are often exploited in the quest for revenue targets.

And this is one of the primary reasons we believe that there are so many software products and solutions that do not see a ray of light

At COMPDHENU we are here to overhaul the approach by bringing in the passion and personal touch to the software development.





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